Vermicompost GROWO is a concentrated 100% ORGANIC fertilizer produced by earthworms. The fertilizer is rich in vital plant nutrients, microelements, enzymes, growth hormones. It contains a high volume of humic substances.

Vermicompost GROWO is truly unique and completely natural, with its microorganisms ensuring that the soil stays loose, allowing the air to penetrate within.

Vermicompost GROWO allows the moisture to remain in the soil for longer, while at the same time it helps prevent the excess water build up.

The use of Vermicompost GROWO improves the agro-chemical characteristics of plants and crops. Vermicompost is invaluable for the growth of organic products.

The use of 2-5% of biohumus or Vermicompost GROWO in the soil allows to reduce the time of ripening crop up to 7-10 days, to extend the period of fruiting plants in 2-3 weeks and increase yields in 1.5-2 times. In vegetables and fruits increases the content of sugars, vitamins and dry matter and significantly reduced nitrate and heavy metals content. Locally grown fruits and vegetables in greenhouses using Vermicompost GROWO have almost the same taste and aroma, as obtained in the wild outdoors.

Storage of fruits increased almost in 2 times. Vermicompost GROWO has prolonged action within 2-4 years after a single application. Nutrients of biohumus slowly dissolve in water and can provide plants with nutrition for a long time.

          Vitamin C content in products with different fertilizers using, mg/100 g:

Crop:                   Vermicompost:       Manure + NPK

Strawberries                 90                         52

Apple-tree                     32                           5

Pear                              28                           4

Tomato                          54                         25

Potatoes                        48                        15

Sweet pepper              220                       150

Carrot                            22                           4

Kidney bean                  43                         10

You can achieve the following results with Vermicompost (Biohumus) GROWO application:

In viticulture:

  • Fast and stable development of the seedlings, increasing annual growth in adult plants and increases the number of roots;
  • Reducing waiting time of the first yield of grapes;

 In the growing of flowers and berries (strawberries):

  • Gorgeous, fully adapted plants. Cultivation of strawberries with Vermicompost GROWO increases yield up to 50-60%;
  • The rapid growth of resistant plants, three times bigger in size within 5-6 weeks compared with the usual practice;

 In the growing of fruits (fruit trees, bushes):

  • Fast and stable growth of young fruit trees, up to 100% success during the replanting;
  • First fruits yield waiting time reduction;
  • Fruits ripen on 15 days earlier, increase in size, look better, eco-friendly, with increased vitamins (especially Vitamin C) content and more long shelf life.
  • Improve flavouring fruits quality (especially typical for grown in greenhouses).

 Recommendations for Vermicompost GROWO application rates are following:

Strawberries, blueberries:

Planting: 100g of Vermicompost to carry in each hole, to mix with the soil and pour.

Current feeding: Then – each month to mulch.

Fruit shrubs (gooseberry, currant, vine (grapes), etc.):

Planting: 1L of Vermicompost to carry in on the bottom of the planting hole, to mix well with the soil and pour, and plant shrubs seedlings.

Vine (grape): Recommended 0.8 m3 of Vermicompost on 1 ha. Time to apply: June – July.

Fruit trees (apple, peach, pear, cherry, plum, etc.):

Planting: in the hole under each seedling  to carry in 1-2 L of Vermicompost, to mix it with the soil and pour.

 Current feeding of bushes and fruit trees:

To carry Vermicompost under the crown of 0.5 kg per 1 m2 (about 1- 1.5 L under each tree crown).

For soil fertilization:

4 L on m2  or 5 m3 on ha

Usage depending on the size of the plant: 

  • for different types of seed – 5 ml
  • for seedlings and small plants (till 20 cm length), flowers, strawberries etc – 20 ml for each plant
  • for vegetables – 50 ml for each plant

For already planted plants just pour it around the plant and it will absorb during watering

Application of Vermicompost on the damaged crops and planting:

If strawberry, blueberry plantings are damaged: required to allocate by 100 g (1.5 cups) under each damaged bush, to mix with the soil and to pour.

If shrubs and fruit trees are damaged: by 2-3 L for each plant, to mix with the soil with the further abundant watering.

Recommended also to pour and spray plants with Vermicompost liquid feed or Vermicompost Extract GROWO, thus protecting them against pests and disease. Spraying fruit crops after flowering increases the productivity of trees and spraying in the phase of laying flower buds good for next year yields.

Important factors for using Vermicompost are:

Climate, the initial state of the soil, ample watering of the soil during the fertilizing with Vermicompost.


  • In average Vermicompost GROWO should constitute 2-5% of fertile layer of soil.
  • For agricultural land (fields or greenhouses) on 1 hectare of land is necessary ~5-7m3 of Vermicompost GROWO per year;
  • When quality soil: Vermicompost GROWO can be used once every 2-3 years;
  • When used correctly, provides long-term effect: restores fertility and support yield in subsequent years after application;
  • The effect can last for 3-5 years, gradually decreasing, depending on the quality of the soil and the intensity of soil use.

How to prepare Vermicompost liquid feed

1 L of dry Vermicompost to stir in the bucket (10 L) of water and allow to settle during the day. The water gets the color of tea. The sediment can be used for additional fertilizing of flowers, etc., but for the plants watering necessary to dilute the received extract with two (2) parts of water.

Fruit trees and bushes need to be sprayed after blooming, at the time of fruits growing and of flower buds foundation (in early August).

Fruiting of fruit trees and shrubs will be regular at spraying with Vermicompost infusion in combination with the soil mulching under the crown together with a layer of Vermicompost in 1-2 cm.