SYMBIVIT – The product contains propagules of six different species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial for growth and health of plants, in a mix of inert substrate, amended with bio-additive fostering the development of mycorrhizal symbiosis.


(A) Propagules (spores, mycelial fragments, and small fragments of micorrhized roots) of six mycorrhizal fungi naturally occurring in European soils:

1. Claroideoglomus etunicatum (G. etunicatum) 2. Glomus microaggregatum 3. Rhizophagus intraradices (G. intraradices) 4. Claroideoglomus claroideum (G. claroideum) 5. Funneliformis mosseae (G.s mosseae) 6. Funneliformis geosporum (G. geosporum)

Concentration: Minimum number of fungal propagules: 150 000/L (assessed according to the Most Probable Number test)

Composition of inert medium: 1. Expanded clay at 503 g/kg (brown particles, fraction: 1-2,5 mm) 2. Clinoptilolite clay (zeolite) at 390 g/kg (green particles, fraction: 0,5-2,5 mm)

(B) Bio-additives: [Natural minerals, sapropele, marine algae extracts, natural keratin, humus and powder of gel polymer granules and water retentive; the bioadditives represent 107 g for each kg of product]  Keratin  Apatite  Sapropel  Alginate  Chitin  Humus  Patentkali  Dolomite  Hyperkorn  Water-retentive granules

The average mass of the product is 700-800 kg/m3. We declare that the product is free of genetically-modified material. The product lacks any pathogen and soil.
Containers of 400 L are filled with a clean substrate, free from soil and inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi. Corn seeds (Zea mays), French marigold (Tagetes sp.) and clover (Trifolium sp.) are planted in the containers and after 5 months, the aerial parts of the plants are razed to the ground of the substrate and thrown away. The mycorrhized roots are removed from the culture substrate, dried, cut into small fragments (1-5 mm) and mixed with the growth medium. The bio-additive are then added according to the quantities quoted above.

The application of SYMBIVIT® during planting will bring to plants their best growth potential, sustainable and ecological nutrition, reduced mortality during transplantation, enhanced resistance to drought and salinity, increase of flowering and fruits return. A decrease of vulnerability to pathogenic agents of roots is also foreseen.

Made in: Czech Republic

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