PREBIO STIMPROTECT FS – Biological product containing microorganisms specifically selected intervening in the balance between organic and mineral forms of the matter.  Product active on edaphically microbial communities.

Stimulator of plants growth intervening on the natural cycle of the matter: carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, phosphorus cycle, potassium cycle, etc. Regulator of microbial balances while decreasing impact of certain pathogenic micro-organisms thanks to synthesis and metabolic excretion antagonist to phytopathogenic micro-organisms.

PREBIO® STIMPROTECT FS contains micro-organisms recognized for their properties:

  • Stimulator of plants growth PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria)
  • Carrier and fixer of nitrogen
  • Carrier and solubilizer of phosphorus
  • Stabilization of microbial communities present in soils by the action of biopetides synthetized by the micro-organisms composing PREBIO® STIMPROTECT FS
  • Enables to reduce the water stress of plants – protect the rhizospheric micro-organisms of harmful antagonists

Made in: France


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