PREBIO STIMAVI FS – Biological product containing microorganisms specifically selected intervening in the balance between organic and mineral forms of the matter.

PREBIO® STIMAVI FS is particularly adapted to viticulture.

  •  is a plants growth stimulator intervening in cycles of the matter: carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, phosphorus cycle, potassium cycle, etc.
  •  participates to the improvement of the soils quality, making them looser and more malleable to useful nutrients for plants.
  • enables to valorize the excess of organic matter while recycling them close to plants.
  • is suitable for oligotroph soils exposed to moderate and mild temperatures.
  • is active at the level of soils, at the interface between, the plants and the soils, on the plants – stem, leaves, flowers, aerial parts.
  • can be used on all kinds of vineyards sensitive to Botrytis cinerea.
  • is insensitive during applications at meteorological normal conditions.
  • has to be applied rather on prevention before installation of Botrytis cinerea. In certain conditions,
  • can be active against others phytopathogenic micro-organisms.

contains micro-organisms recognized for their properties:

  • Stimulator of plants growth PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria)
  • Protector of plants (struggling against some bacteria and phyto-pathogenic moulds)
  • Carrier and solubiliser of phosphorus
  • Carrier and fixer of nitrogen
  • Stabilisation of microbial communities present in soils
  • Enables to reduce the water stress of plants
  • Soils restoration
  • Reduces the attacks of Botrytis cinerea while rebalancing soil microflora

Made in: France
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