BIOLAKE – pond and lake puryfying

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Ecological mixture of biological cultures intended for cleaning garden lakes. It speeds dissolution of impurities organic origin, it lights water up, sustains biological balance. Unscratched environment! Fish and water plants harmless!!!

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Biolake is mixture of microbiological cultures and enzymes intended for ecological water purification. Micro – organisms, included in preparation, help dissolution and reduce capacity of organic sediments at the bottom of small lake. It light water up, preemptively counteracting production eyelashes by that along with plants subscribe sustenance from water and lash hasn’t subsequently nutrients for growth. Help restore equilibrium water ecosystem.

Fly sheet and dosage

Content of bag ( quantity according to needs ) activate in lukewarm water ( 20- 30°C ), best in plastic vessel ( 0,5 – 1 l ), and after 20 – minutes pour the solution in to the small lake. One package, 100 g, is monthly dose for 10 m3 of water. We advise to divide the preparation in smaller lots and from the beginning dose every 14 days, then once monthly. Full develop – ability of micro – organisms in small lake occurs after c. 21 days.


Not to use metal vessel and subjects at preparation solution!


Store the preparation on dry place to 30°C out of reach of children.

Additional information


250 g, 500 g, 1 kg

Product safety

The micro-organisms in „BIOLAKE“ have all been isolated from natural environments. They have not been genetically modifed in any way. These micro-organisms have been classifed as being harmless to humans, animals and plants. The product is subjected to independent testing to ensure that it is free of Salmonella and other contaminants.